After years of reading, evaluating, and selling business books, Jack Covert and Todd Sattersten are two of the most respected experts on the category.

jacksmall.jpgMeet Jack

Jack is the founder of and chief mentor for 800-CEO-READ, now an independent company, but longtime partner of the Harry W. Schwartz Bookshops. Hired twenty-five years ago by the late David Schwartz to promote business and computer books to the Milwaukee business community, Jack used his considerable sales skills and innate business acumen to grow that 3-shelf business section into a 7 million dollar specialty business book retailer.

How Jack Became the Author of The 100 Best

If you’ve ever met Jack, you’ll know he has a lifetime full of fascinating stories. But he was reluctant to write about them despite being in the book business, happier to drop a good story during a lunch than to put them down on paper. But he began to write book reviews called “Jack Covert Selects,” where each month he would pick the notable business books newly released and write short reviews to be sent to papers around the nation. When Todd Sattersten joined the company, he talked Jack into documenting all that he had learned from reading thousands of business books over the previous twenty-five years.

toddsmall.jpgMeet Todd
Todd currently runs BizBookLab, a company that identifies, develops, and launches business books around the world from Portland, Oregon. Previously, he was president of 800-CEO-READ, spent six years at GE and three years working with his father in the family sheet metal fabrication business. Todd received his BS in mechanical engineering from Michigan Technological University and his MBA from Marquette University.

How Todd Became the Author of The 100 Best

Todd continued writing even after the days of composing term papers and briefs were over. He started a weblog in 2003 called A Penny For…, one of the first business blogs on the internet. This led him to self-publish a compilation of essays from online writers called More Space. Convinced that there are good business books if you know where to find them, he was inspired to team up with Jack to direct interested and curious readers to the best of the best. He strives to become a better writer and has become enamored with the craft.

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